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Canadair CL-415 on water & Bixler FPV in Sandvik, Kökar

By tomsunax, 04 Sep 2012 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

This 1.39m model of the twin-engine fire fighter seaplane Candair CL 415 seems to be made by Guan Li
I got mine from Hobby King in Spring 2011
...after showing a flight video by Nitroplanes to my brother, who insisted on it looking like an awesome plane.

The water rudder is poorly constructed and gives very little response, at least on my example. Instead I use one channel per motor and mix in some rudder, to be able to steer while taxing on water. A little awkward to set up on the Turnigy 9X, but works fine.

The paint job is a little brittle and you easily end up exposing white foam here and there below the yellow/red finish.

Other than that it's a really nice plane, stable in the air and easy to control. I've only had four flight attempts on water so far and haven't bothered trying it on grass or snow yet. The first attempt failed due to the steering issue (fixed with differential motor setup) and the second session failed due to lack of power on takeoff (fixed by going from 8"x4" two bladed to 9"x7" three bladed props). The other two have been smooth and enjoyable!

This flight was not planned in advance so I had no proper way of attaching the GoPro yet. Improvised by fitting my Bixler mount with rubber bands over the hatch in the nose, but this made the plane dig itself down too much on takeoff, and takeoff is difficult to begin with: the front of the fuselage tends to build up a wave which creates resistance and splashes water straight into the props... So no flight footage from the CL 415 this time. Instead I've added some aerial shots from the same area taken with the Bixler.


Canadair footage: Joel Sundström


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