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Narrated FPV Flight #2 - Suppo Pigeon OSD Review, and testing new rx

By CurryKitten, 18 Nov 2012 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Hello, and welcome to a rather raw narrated FPV flight, where my video editing is down to a minimal level - so you can all sit there and wait while I clean my FatSharks :D

I wanted to get another narrated flight in as I wanted to talk about my cheap OSD, which is ok - except when it does exactly what it did today, and that is to lose the OSD information from the ground recording. That's not much good if I crash as I can't check it's last lat/long position.

As I mentioned, I came back to this rather boring location as it's well known to me, and whenever I swap out a component, I like to test it in a well known place. The swap (as I couldn't quite remember in the video) was from a FrSky V8FR-II to a D8R-IIplus. Annoyingly, they are both sold as being in the "two way" series, giving the impression that the V8FR-II should send back some sort of telemetry - i.e the RSSI signal, but it doesn't. The D8R-IIPlus does though, as you'll hear. Pretty annoyed that I bought the wrong ones in the first instance though.

It's to also show that you can have a field full of nothing, and then for some reason have areas of interference - who can tell why.

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