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Did Wild Bill Lose His E-flite V900 Racer RC Plane In Flight?

By GBLynden's RC, 02 Nov 2019 into E-Flite V900 in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Did Wild Bill Lose His E-flite V900 Racer RC Plane In Flight? Watch and find out!

Link to the BNP E-flite V900:

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RC Equipment Used In This Video:
- E-flite V900 BNF Basic:
- Spektrum DX6 Radio:
- Battery Checker:

Video Equipment Used To Make This Video:
- Sony AX-33 Camcorder:
- SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card:

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Here is the link to Wild Bill's YouTube Channel:

Check out RECKEM ROYS RC here:

This is the second flight I have of Bill on camera after his E-flite V900 Crash Redemption Flight, which was a follow-up to his E-flite V900 BNF Basic Maiden Flight RC Plane Crash.

Most viewers of my channel know that Bill is a free spirit that loves to test planes in flight. As a result, he crashed his V900 RC Plane on its maiden flight causing a crash landing.

This is how Horizon Hobby describes this RC Racer Airplane:

"The V900 high-speed sport airplane is the fastest prop-driven E-flite airplane yet! Right out of the box it can reach top speeds of 120+ MPH on 4S, and even 100+ MPH on 3S, without the need for upgrades or prop changes. It’s designed to turn heads by flying fast and looking good with slick aerodynamics, composite reinforced EPO construction and a vibrant trim scheme that stands out on the ground and in the air.

If you have a need for speed—adrenalin pumping, righteous SPEED—then you’re going to love the E-flite V900 airplane. The factory-installed high-power brushless motor and 60-amp ESC deliver unlimited vertical performance and incredible top speeds up to 120+ MPH without the need for upgrades or modifications. The lightweight yet stiff and durable airframe is equipped with digital, metal-geared servos to offer precision and reliability you’ll appreciate flight after flight. No glue is required for assembly, and you can be flying in just the time it takes to charge a battery. So whether you’re an intermediate pilot and this is your first high-speed airplane, or you’re an experienced speed addict, you can be in the air and flying FAST in almost no time at all. But the V900 airplane doesn’t just fly fast—it’s well-behaved and slows down nicely for smooth approaches and landings, plus it’s capable of aerobatics including huge loops, rolls, knife edge and more.

AS3X Receiver with Optional SAFE Select Technology
This Bind-N-Fly Basic model is equipped with an AS3X (Artificial Stabilization–3-aXis) receiver that works behind the scenes to smooth out the effects of wind and turbulence. The result is a sense of stability and precision that makes you feel like you’re flying a larger and expertly tuned aircraft.

If this is your first high-speed airplane or you want an extra margin of safety while familiarizing yourself with the airplane, you can enable the optional-use SAFE Select technology built into the receiver. No programming is required. Simply change up the binding sequence as directed in the manual.

If you don’t want to enable the SAFE Select features, just bind the receiver normally and it will function like a standard AS3X receiver with just AS3X Technology.

With SAFE Select features enabled, you get:

Pitch and Bank Angle Limits

These envelope limits keep the airplane from rolling or pitching upside down. They also prevent excessive climb or dive angles.
Automatic Self-Leveling

The airplane instantly returns to and holds level flight when the sticks are released and in the center position. It also helps keep the airplane level when hand-launching.
Easy Switch Assignment-No Programming Required

The simple procedure for assigning a transmitter switch to turn SAFE Select features on and off doesn't require any programming and takes just a few seconds."

John has the HobbyKing Durafly EFX Racer, which compares very nicely to the V900. Once Bill gets the hang of this one, it will be fun to see them racing side by side :)

I have considered getting one of these myself, but ended up going after the E-flite Pitts instead. Perhaps I might get the new E-flite Su-30 twin 70mm EDF Jet after some wine lol

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