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E-Flite V900 4cell maiden & 2nd flight

By PropGear, 27 Jul 2018 into E-Flite V900 in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Here it is guy's and girl's 4cell tests on the V900. We found it hard finding a 2200 4cell to fit and we tried a few so went to an 1800 Turnigy Nano Tech 35-70c and a 1500 65c Turnigy graphene and they both fit no worries. The problem is the battery goes in the fuse and not the nose like the EFXtra, a few bats fit but they made the sides of the fuse push out a bit and we did not want to go that route yet!

This thing is mega quick on 3 and 4cell, is it 120mph quick? Who knows but we will try to find out with a speed gun or other device to read the speed. :)

Hope you enjoy this vid and if you did (or didn't) why not leave a comment, like and maybe even subscribe? It means a lot to us and love hearing what you all think good or bad. I will go first and say sorry for the crap filming as it was so dam quick and filmed with an action cam so no zoom. I will do better lol my handycam is giving me nightmares atm haha first world problems I know :)

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