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E-Flite V900 Unbox & build World first!!!!

By PropGear, 20 Jul 2018 into E-Flite V900 in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

The V900 is, some say, E-Flites answere to the EFXtra and at a glance it is very similar and we hope to be having races with both very soon ;)

We don't do many unboxing as you can tell but this was too good an op to turn down so we gave it our best. It goes together very easy even if you have to do a bit of tidying up like we did it was still simples. Since filming HH have announced that the plastic spinners are junk and we are getting the aluminium one sent free of charge which is nice but until then we have to fly it without or add one of our own. Maiden will be tommorow so look out for the vid tomorrow night.

Yes we got our grubby mitts on a worldy and wow very impressed Paul, keep up the good work buddy :)

Thx for watching and if you have time please leave a like or a dis-like and a comment. If you liked this vid why not hit the subby box and join the family? It is still free and does not hurt ;)

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