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When E-flite's "Safe" Technology decides to destroy your plane

By Engineer six, 30 Sep 2018 into E-Flite V900 in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

I'm not a newbie, flying RC's for about 12years now... i've picked up this Eflite Apprentice very cheap about 2months ago and it was a nice and reliable plane so far...
It was the RTF version with the Spektrum DX5e remote, it worked fine so i've kept it as is...
Well today the SAFE technology decided to step in and deactivate my aileron mid rollspin... making me just stand there and watch my plane smash into the ground :-(
Edit: Might have been a different Issue caused by the Spektrum System, maybe even a loss of conection or some kind of glitch, Already fixed the Plane tho and tested it (using my regular Multiplex Remote now that made zero problems over the nearly 10 years i had them

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