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E-FLITE V900 4c over 200 KMH 125MPH Maiden flight. FASTEST RC PLANE OUT THE BOX? 1/2

By Josla, 26 Oct 2019 into E-Flite V900 in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

I love this little (90 cm) arrow. I believe the V900 reach to the 125MPH mark on a Sigma 4c 2200 LIPO. Due the hard wind and fast plane it's very difficult filming it. The E-Flite V900 is a affordable but very fast RC plane, and easy to control. A bit of rc flying experience is a must I guess. Biggest problem is the start, becourse there is only a little notch to hold the plane, and throwing it by yourself is not easy!
The V900 equipped with the Spektrum receiver that is programmed for stabilizing the plane, that didn't work for me, so I put in a 6 channel Graupner receiver without any "stabilizer"

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