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E-flite UMX F4F Wildcat: MAIDEN FLIGHT!

By Justwingit, 14 Mar 2017 into E-Flite V900 in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Here's a short video of the maiden flight of my brand-new E-flite UMX F4F Wildcat!

I actually edited this one trying to keep it short, so hopefully you'll see more of the 'Cat and less of the clear blue sky! This little Wildcat flies great, just like it's bigger Parkzone brother.....just a superb rendition of a very historic, early WWII U.S. Navy fighter.

I'll be flying this one as a belly lander using the included rubber wheels that simulate the "gears-up" configuration, so stay tuned for more videos of this great flying little plane!

Cheers all - Blue Skies, and Happy Landings!

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