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E-Flite V900 4cell 2200 Admirals 35c

By PropGear, 12 Aug 2018 into E-Flite V900 in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

1st flight was a brand new pack and Paul was very sensible to not over do it but on it's 2nd flight Paul kept telling me to go faster and I had to obey him ;)

That went rather well we think, what do you all think? I/we think these batteries are perfect if you are looking for an option other than the E-Flite one, of course their will be 100s of bats that will fit and time will tell but for those of you that want to order now before you get the plane then these are the batteries to get.

Enough of the talking from me as I have said what I think haha this thing kicks and my hat is in the ring and you know what I think if you watched it all, by looking at the vids of this and the EFXtra stock on 4cell what do you think is faster? Hmmmm race time is coming so be quick to decide :)

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