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Eflite F4 Phantom 2 EdF Jet 80mm "Maiden Flight" fly tails heavy

By jimmyeflyingvideo, 25 Mar 2019 into E-Flite V900 in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

I am maiden this F-4 phantom G2 EDF Jet at field luckly there a friend will help me do the video ,
first flight was tails heavy i did manage to control and bring it down
second flight i move the 5000mah battery half inch forward to front or yes tour the nose and it fly better and plus after i trim the jet
while in the air and than land it
third flight i am just gonna try to fly my best and what this f4 can do and does pettry good
maneuvring as you can see it behaved well
over all and here's my thought for this phantom it fly's good does most of flying character like any other saw the video, but only one Little negative thing about this F4 it doesn’t fly inverted it well that doesn’t mean is a bad jet to fly just me I do fly alot
of invert on my other jet and to fly this phantom seem to be a bit nose heavy when I inverted fly I’m almost use a full stick push down elevator to keep the nose level I not to comfortable flight it you and I know not all jets are make to fly inverted but I could be wrong but still live this F4 phantom or Maybe a couple more inverted test flight I will find out. other than that this f4 flying great! anyway i will play with the CG somemore
and the elevator stab maybe on my next video i can explain more this F4 phantom jet

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