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Crubbish Spinner on the E-Flite V900 Racer from Horizon Hobby

By RagTheNutsOff, 13 Nov 2018 into E-Flite V900 in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Howdy, as a follow up from the unboxing of the E-Flite V900 Racer, when following the updated instructions, the provided "upgraded" spinner is utter rubbish. See the video for why you'll want to skip using it, Matt

So that we're ALL on the same page. I feel it's important to stress that the E-Flite V900 model was bought out of my OWN money, for my own abuses and was NOT a "Freebie for Review".

Model Description from Horizon Hobby (not my words)

The V900™ high-speed sport airplane is the fastest prop-driven E-flite® airplane yet! Right out of the box it can reach top speeds of 120+ MPH on 4S, and even 100+ MPH on 3S, without the need for upgrades or prop changes.

It’s designed to whip heads by flying fast and looking good with slick aerodynamics, composite reinforced EPO construction and a vibrant trim scheme that stands out on the ground and in the air.

If you have a need for speed—adrenalin pumping, righteous SPEED—then you’re going to love the E-flite® V900 airplane.

The factory-installed high-power brushless motor and 60-amp ESC deliver unlimited vertical performance and incredible top speeds up to 120+ MPH without the need for upgrades or modifications.

The lightweight yet stiff and durable airframe is equipped with digital, metal-geared servos to offer precision and reliability you’ll appreciate flight after flight. No glue is required for assembly, and you can be flying in just the time it takes to charge a battery. So whether you’re an intermediate pilot and this is your first high-speed airplane, or you’re an experienced speed addict, you can be in the air and flying FAST in almost no time at all.

But the V900 airplane doesn’t just fly fast—it’s well-behaved and slows down nicely for smooth approaches and landings, plus it’s capable of aerobatics including huge loops, rolls, knife edge and more.

What's in the box?
(1) E-flite V900 BNF Basic RC Airplane
(1) Spektrum Receiver with DSMX, AS3X® and SAFE® Technologies
(1) 60A Brushless ESC
(1) Brushless Outrunner Motor
(4) Digital, Metal Geared Servo
(1) User Manual

Needed to Complete
Full-range, 5+ Channel DSMX®/DSM2® Transmitter
1800–2200mAh 3–4S Li-Po Flight Battery
Suitable Li-Po Battery Charger

Versatile Brushless Power

The V900 is factory-equipped with a versatile high-power brushless power system that gives you the option to choose just how fast you want to go.

Simply drop in a 3S battery to reach speeds up to 100+ MPH. Or, to go beyond that and reach top speeds up to 120+ MPH, install a 4S battery—no modifications or upgrades are necessary—not even a prop change is required.

Strength and Precision
Speed is nothing without the right balance of strength and precise control.

The V900’s stunning and sleek airframe is molded in EPO that’s composite reinforced so it’s stiff and durable, yet is also lightweight. Plus it’s equipped with digital, metal-geared servos that deliver the precise control and reliability you need to enjoy flying FAST flight after flight.

Ease and Simplicity
No glue is required for assembly, and the V900 can be ready to fly in the time it takes to charge a battery.

The compact size makes it easy to transport and store, or you can easily install and remove the carbon-fiber reinforced, one-piece wing if needed.

The wing also features an integrated and reinforced grip for easier hand launches and added protection when landing.

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