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Yuneec Q500+/4K - FLIR ONE - The complete "How to" (FPV/WiFi-Range/examples)

By Uwe Loewer, 23 Apr 2016 into Freewing Typhoon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

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From my series "The Yuneec Q500 Adventures", today:

Yuneec Q500 and the tiny "FLIR ONE" Thermal Cam...
Do they fit together?
FPV possible or not?
Aerial Thermal Examinations possible or not?
Useful Footage, or not?
How much to pay for a complete "Ready-to-Fly"-solution?

Here you will get the answers to your questions...

The complete "How to", what you need, WiFi-FPV Installation, range test, picture quality, usage examples.....

And what you'll have to invest (at least), if you have nothing but your smartphone.....

Thx for watching!

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