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Freewing Eurofighter 90mm EDF Version 1 HUCK 1 - My View

By KYDAWG1, 31 Aug 2015 into Freewing Typhoon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

This is my old old OLD version1 Eurofighter EF2K V1 with no retracts... now a belly lander. Video is RAW (no post processing) via Mobius A Lens Narrow on head strap (sorry of not straight).

Flying on a 6S 3700 to keep her LIGHT. Fan is a stock power TAFT 90mm as used in the Viper. This fan is same weight as stock original 5 blade, but is faster and had more thrust at less than 80amps (as I am still using the stock original ESC).

Great airframe alla round. One of my all time favorites.

If you don't have one.... get the latest and greatest from Motion RC.

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