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Max's Freewing EuroFighter Surface and Nozzle Controls

By max throttle, 03 Aug 2012 into Freewing Typhoon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Full span Elevons (Delta Mixed), Canard driven by a single servo on the eighth channel mixed with flap setting. The Canard is preset control via flight mod to be 12* down with 3 degree up elevon for landing and alpha, 6* down for 3D FM, and 2* down as neutral. The canards being on a independent channel also allows for the canard to serve as pitch trim in flight allowing the elevons to remain clean producing less drag. The Full scale trims in the same manor as well as uses the canards in a pitch down function to improve air flow over the root wing foil. The Canard also can be moved to full deflection for air braking on the ground.
The nozzles are on separate channels (on/off), but are also preset to be controlled via the slide to align thrust line for greater alphas or for CG adjustments.

The combination has added an extra level of responsiveness in flight along with all out 3D.

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