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Freewing Eurofighter EF 2000 (modified)

By MostOfFun, 01 Jun 2015 into Freewing Typhoon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Hi Folks,
now, my EF2000 ist ready to maiden flight. Here the 2nd rollout. Following modifications has been made:

1. Cockpit light mod: all instruments are illuminated. The Headup-display is made by a partially translucent foil (taken from an defect TFT). Consoles are illuminated too. The pilot has a helmet-display, illuminated with a green 0603-LED.

2. Gear mod: the gear got two very bright landing lights with 400mA. This was possible because, the gear works as a cooler.
The original doorsequencer was replaced by a Arduino-Board.

3. Position and Anticollision-Light. Also very bright. There i made some effecive coolers for this stuff, because the back LED, for example has about 12W (Cree LED). The flashlights (ALCs) are controlled by a Atmel ATiny85 CPU.

4. Afterburner-Rings. They are made by myselfe with the appropiate diameter. Each of the 48 LEDs are separate contolled in colour and brightness by a Arduino-board in dependency of trottle. Some randomized colour and brightness-shift simulates the light flickering of a real turbine. The colour goes from deep red to light red, orange, yellow to more and more white when thrust ist maximised. Everything ist programmable.
The LEDs are supplied from separate switching powersupplies shrinking down power dissipation.

Enjoy this Video.
For more Information, visit my homepage

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