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A-10 Warthog - Freewing Twin 80mm - Flight & landing manner

By MrPetersVideo, 15 Apr 2019 into Freewing Typhoon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

I wanted to take note of the landing process, with the Power levels used.
The Telemetry readouts are for ONE battery so the values are really double of what is reported.
So on the Base Leg when the gear is put down, and then Low level flaps deployed, it is "60Amps" (30Amps reported), and then when going to Full Flaps and beginning the long turn to Final it is a Decending Turn, Nose down, and using just Zero to 10 Amps - somewhat dead stick. ("4 Amps" heard as it comes down)
The Potential Energy of the altitude almost 'powers' it down the descent path on its own anyway.
Then a resumption of Throttle as it is 'arced upwards' from the descent slope to more level, and then flared to nose up.... but there is no readout of that. It is about 15% Throttle, probably 10-20 Amps.

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