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R/C Eurofighter, Li-Po catches fire in mid-flight !! - HD 50fps

By Airguardian, 05 Oct 2018 into Freewing Typhoon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

How do you like my very-realistic Eurofighter Afterburner mod? xD

So, this is what happened...
I was flying at a friend's club where I was invited and we were hitting 36ºC temperatures that day.

To begin the day, I took the Eurofighter for a ride and the gyro that I had recently installed to control the yaw axis on the thrust vectoring nozzles was not properly centered which made for a shitty flight but nothing serious happened.

After fixing that, I went on to fly a second pack that I knew had one dubvious cell with high internal resistance, but the packs were new and the rest of the cells were perfectly fine so I thought it would be okay... oh no, no! Big mistake... ! (lol) xD

The plane took off with plenty of power but immediately after take-off I felt a noticeable decrease in fan rpms... still it had enough traction to keep flying so I pushed it even a little further ('you dumb idiot!')... Then, when I finally realized that power was actually degenerating fast I decided to land, extended landing gear, added a little more throttle to keep the speed to reach the runway header and... BANG! A huge black smoke trail appears, plane dives violently... the smoke or heat from the damaged cell affected the gyro and made the canards get a permanent pitch-down deflection. It also burned/punched a huge hole through the lateral foam of the nose of the plane. Even though I was struggling with the plane and maximum thrust had cut to around 10%, I managed to get it down on the runway in one piece... then all hell broke loose. The damaged cell heat set on fire the rest of the 4S battery (I use 2x 4S in series = 8S) and thick white smoke appeared. The flames melted the battery straps, so I quickly (as safely as possible) removed the canopy hatch and run for a couple of large screwdrivers to take away the battery from the jet. The burning batt is well over 140ºC so don't ever dare to touch that directly with your hands, and neither the wires, they get very hot too!

Thankfully, the damage was limited to the nose of the aircraft so I was able to repair it, but that, you'll see in my next video ;)

Flights 196th to 197th on this Eurofighter airframe.

The Freewing Eurofighter is one of the most unique foam EDF jets available in the market, featuring all-moving canards and 360º thrust vectoring nozzles, which make this plane an actual aerobatic beast and allowing for advanced post-stall maneuvers like high alpha, hovering, flip turns, cobra and flat spins to mention just a few. The jet is now sold in an upgraded V2 version but this one is still an older V1 airframe.

Bright LED navigation lights and HUD teaser enhance the realism, especially at flights on cloudy days or at dawn/dusk.

It also features an electronic retractable landing gear with all metal shock-absorbing struts and metal trunnions.

SPECS: (Reflecting MY particular setup)

Wingspan: 960mm
Length: 1400mm
Flying Weight: 3600g
Main Battery: 8S 29.6V 3200mAh 70C LiPo
Receiver battery: 2S 610mAh LiPo
Radio: 16 Channels
Wing control surface operation: Elevons
Thrust vectoring: 2x 360º (pitch, yaw, roll)
Canards: Yes
Flaps: No
Rudder: No
Position lights: Yes (Green HUD is a mod)
Hinge Type: Nylon hinges
Material: EPS Foam
Servos: Metal gear (2x Elevons, 3x TVC, 1x Canards, 2x Nose gear)
Gyro (on canards): GWS PG-03
EDF: 5 blades, 90mm
ESC: YEP 120A 4-14S HV
LG retract mechanism: 3x w/ Metal trunion
Landing Gear: Full metal retractable main and steerable nose gear with shock absorbing trailing link struts

The BLEND435 Revolectrix batteries testing goes on!
The plane is powered by 8S 3300mAh Li-Pos. Those are 2x 4S batts connected in series. The flights shown on the video were the fourth cycle of each of the packs. These were quite stressing/demanding flights for the batts. (To the point they caught fire, lol).

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