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A Brief Update On Where We Are Up To - Lidl Chuck Glider RC FPV Conversation Part 2!

By Jake's RC Stuff, 20 Sep 2019 into Lidl Gliders in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

I, like many others, have picked up a few of these chuck gliders from the Grocery Store; Lidl. With this one, I will be converting it to an RC Powered Glider, with an All-In-One FPV Camera.

In this episode, I'm just giving you a quick overview of where we are up to: The wing is more or less finished, both sides done with a new strengthening carbon rod through the middle. I have also cut and tape-hinged the elevators, as well as joining it together to be controlled from a single control horn. I have also been busy with Corel Draw and my CNC Router to create an adjustable motor mount.

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