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Lidl A-10 Warthog - Flight Video - chuck glider RC conversion

By Bavarian RC, 10 May 2019 into Lidl Gliders in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Flight video of the Lidl A-10 Warthog, that was built from a simple Lidl chuck glider. Having modified so many things compared to the original Lidl glider made me quite nervous before the maiden flight. Nevertheless the CG was just about right and my A-10 only needed some trimming. Flying the A-10 is not really a relaxing experience, but definitely a lot of fun!

Link to Lidl A-10 Warthog build video:

Basic plane: LIDL Playtive XL Glider
Motor: 2x Graupner Ultra 2806 2300kv brushless motor
ESC: 2x Graupner Brushless Control + T 18 XT-60
Receiver: Graupner GR-12 HoTT
Battery: 3S / 1600 mAh
Servos: 3x Emax ES08D II
Props: 2x HQ 3-blade 5x4,3

Wing span: 860mm
Length: 680mm
Weight: 700g
Top Speed: 90km/h
Flight time: approx. 4:30 min

Carbon fiber tubes 5x4mm for wing spar and rear fuselage reinforcement
Carbon fiber rods 4x1mm for front fuselage reinforcement
Flite Test Foamboard for engine nacelles
XPS foam for canopy and the filler pieces of the original wing cut-out
Epoxy resin
Fiberglass fabric: 80g/m2
Screed glue: fermacell Estrich Kleber (for glueing XPS foam and for glueing the wing to the fuselage) - Be sure to carefully sand the surface of the foam before glueing!
Hot glue
Canopy lock: Pichler extron Kabinenhaubenverriegelung
PLA filament: DruckerRhino PLA
Spray paint: Dupli Color Platinum

GoPro Hero 3+ silver (on tripod)
GoPro Hero 4 black (chesty mount)
RunCam Split 2 (onboard)
DJI Mavic Air
Sony HDR-CX730 (on tripod)

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