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Lidl Glider RC Conversion

By Pawel Spychalski, 04 Jun 2019 into Lidl Gliders in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Jumper T16 radio
MG90S servos

I missed the Lidl Glider hype last year, so when only I got the news that XL gliders are again available in Lidl stores in Poland, I got two. Just in case one is not enough. A few days later, my first Lidl Glider based with spare parts and some carbon fiber is done. It even flies. Barely, but flies. I messed up the motor inclination angle and will have to fix it. But looks good

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I also have a full-grow RC website you know

Recommended hardware:
Alfa Monster 7 inch
Matek F722 Wing
Matek F722 SE
Runcam Eagle 2 Pro
BN-180 GPS

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