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Lidl glider conversion overview. V-tail, canard wing!

By No Limitz Fpv, 15 Jun 2018 into Lidl Gliders in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

A few people have asked for a build video of the Lidl glider conversion. Unfortunately the sd card died when recording the edits I made. So I've stripped the components off in an attempt to redo it but in the end done a brief overview.

If people really want a step by step build I can try and buy a new glider frame and use that to re do the video. Let me know below.


Motor: Emax rs2306 black edition. Buy here

VTX: Eachine 5.8 switchable 600mw. Buy here :

Prop: racerstar v2 5048 tri blade. Buy here:

Lipo: 1800mAH 4s, find these are pretty solid lipos. Buy here

ESC: 52a racerstar Buy here:

the motor pulled 57a at full throttle and 644 watts from memory. But the esc can handle 10s bursts of 58.

Flown on Eachine EV200D. These are AMAZING especially when you factor in price. Buy them here:

Any questions please comment!

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