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Build Video - RC conversion of a LIDL glider into a high-speed flying wing - The LIDL DEVIL

By Bavarian RC, 30 Aug 2018 into Lidl Gliders in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

How to optimize a plane? Remove everything that is not needed, like a long fuselage or the horizontal stabilizer, add some RC equipment, add a strong motor... and here you are: The LIDL Devil.
This video shows you a quick run-through of all steps of the conversion.

Flight video of the LIDL devil:

Motor: Graupner Ultra 2812 1200KV brushless Motor CW
ESC - Graupner Brushless Control + T 18 XT-60
Battery - 3S / 1600 mAh
Servos - Emax ES08D II
Prop - 9x5

Weight - 400g
Top Speed - 185km/h (GPS)
Flight time - approx. 6-7 min

Reflex - 12 degrees (9mm)
Motor down thrust - 4 degrees against underside of wing (motor shaft downwards)
Expo - Aileron 75%, Elevator 65%
Throw - Aileron +/- 6mm, Elevator +/- 6mm
CG - 35mm from leading edge

Flying High by FREDJI
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