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RC conversion of a LIDL glider into a high-speed flying wing - The LIDL DEVIL

By Bavarian RC, 22 Aug 2018 into Lidl Gliders in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

How to optimize a plane? Remove everything that is not needed, like a long fuselage or the horizontal stabilizer, add some RC equipment, add a strong motor... and here you are: The LIDL Devil.
After having a hard trial and error phase to find the correct reflex setting and motor down thrust, the LIDL Devil is pure fun to fly. Its speed and climb rate are crazy and even slow flying is not an issue.
The only thing I still struggle with, is the launch (see outtakes).
For the onboard footage I used a RunCam Split 2 mounted on the wing (close to the fuselage). This had a very negative effect on the flight characteristics. Top speed was reduced by 30%, climb rate was significantly less and the reflex and trim setting used for flight without camera were completely wrong.
I would not recommend keeping the camera installed permantently, despite the great footage.

Build video of the LIDL Devil:

Motor: Graupner Ultra 2812 1200KV brushless Motor CW
ESC - Graupner Brushless Control + T 18 XT-60
Battery - 3S / 1600 mAh
Servos - Emax ES08D II
Prop - 9x5

Weight - 400g
Top Speed - 185km/h (GPS)
Flight time - approx. 6-7 min

Reflex - 12 degrees (9mm)
Motor down thrust - 4 degrees against underside of wing (motor shaft downwards)
Expo - Aileron 75%, Elevator 65%
Throw - Aileron +/- 6mm, Elevator +/- 6mm
CG - 35mm from leading edge

GoPro Hero 3+ silver (on tripod)
GoPro Hero 4 black (chesty mount)
RunCam Split 2 (onboard)

Track; Onlap - Motivation
Music provided by FlyingTunes

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