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How I converted the Lidl XL glider to RC

By SpeedsterDEN, 13 Jun 2017 into Lidl Gliders in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

How I converted the XL glider plane from Lidl super marked to a RC glider with wingerons.
2x Hxt 900 servor, 4 x AAA battery and Lemon rx and DX 8 set up as delta plane, (The wing spar is placed 85 mm from the leading edge) Wing spar is 4 mm cfk rod and inside the wing there is a cfk tube glued in for the rod, at the end of the Carbon tube there is a hole in the underside of the wing, and the 4 mm carbon rod is 10 mm longer than the tube, so I just put on a rubber packing (o ring in Danish) and gave it a drop og cyano glue ??
This pitcheron glider is very sensitive for the right CG If it just a bit to far forward it will not pull out of a dive.
I fly my Lidl planes with the CG at around 60 mm from leading edge. 55 to 65 is the goal.
If the CG is to far forward there is room for a coin or lead in the tailplane.
Pictures and more here:

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