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PROJECT SUCCESFULLY - This modified Lidl glider flies so damn GOOD!

By RC Alert, 16 Sep 2019 into Lidl Gliders in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

As the hype with the modified Lidl Gliders started and continued a while ago, we still had to properly film the thing in the air. This video contains a day of flying with the glider, being completely blown away by the fact how incredibly well it flies already!

Subscribe to our channel for more RC related content! Alot more plane stuff coming up, since Suus is going to learn to fly with planes in line of sight as well :) And even some GoPro chasing footage of a huge FPV plane from a friend of ours! Stay tuned!

Lidl Glider speclist:

- Emax Eco motor, 2306 2400kv
- 30a quad esc
- 5x4,6x3 and 6x3x2 prop (both used in this video)
- 5a 5v BEC
- FrSky x6r receiver
- HK 9gram servo's
- Custom 3d print parts
- Supported by 6mm hollow carbon rod
- Wing flattened


Filmed with: Huawei P30 Pro
Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Intro animated with: Adobe After Effects CC

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