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Yet another LIDL glider conversion

By PhilG2864Archive, 03 Sep 2017 into Lidl Gliders in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

I bought four of the cheapie Lidl gliders, to try different conversion ideas.
Here's the first, a twisty-wing like Soren's. This one has not flown yet. It has two MG90's and a cheap Bangood F801 Frsky-compatible receiver, powered directly from a single lipo cell. Weight is 205 grammes with two x 2p coins up front for balance.
I want to do one with rudder & elevator (maybe with more dihedral) and one with rudder-only for single channel soaring.
The last one I thought I might power by a small brushless, an 1810 might do it.
These things are brilliant value, I do hope Lidl stock them again.

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