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FPV Review: The MiniRaceWing, part 2

By CurryKitten, 17 Aug 2017 into Mini Race Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Now I've corrected my assembly mistake in putting the MiniRaceWing together, I back to fly it in anger... how will it perform ?

The answer is: great, but launching it is going to need some work. A combination of quite a heavy wing with a small prop means you need to get some speed in the throw, but you need to watch your release in case you go a bit twisty... like I did.

However, after sticking it into the ground multiple times, it still looks new.... It's me-proof !

You can get you own MiniRaceWing from

The recommended Power kit is very good as well

For the other things I'm using (some affiliate links used) I've gone for -

RunCam Swift 2 -

Hobbywing Skywalker 60A ESC -

Towerpro MG90S Metal gear servos -

FrSky X4RSB receiver -


AKK LR2 Skew Planar

I'll be back in a follow up when I work out completely where I'm going wrong in the launches, and perhaps a different HD camera. After a quick check, the Mobius Mini is just the right length so it shouldn't stick out from the camera plate.

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