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Theer - Skyzone EPP Race WING at 860mm - part 1

By Rc Reviews, 15 Jan 2018 into Mini Race Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

This is similar to S800 wing and nice as AR Wing, but with other great features, very nice strong EPP with tone of protection on wings and fuselage.

In part two will test it in air soon.

Theer KIT:
Theer PNP (better get KIT):

Very stable and nice plane from ZOHD:

S800 KIT:
S800 v2 KIT:

SonicModell F1 KIT:
SonicModell F1 PNP:

SonicModell AR Wing (great for long range):

Big SonicModell HD WING for ultra long range:

ZOHD Dart:
Small ugly but fast and strong wing:

Carbon adhesive tape:

Great GPS:

Mini 20x20 FC with all needed ports:
F3 Fc similar but no current:
30x30 great for INAV:

Servos what we use for such wings:
Simple 40a ESC:

Big motor:

Another glue:

You can use your old quadcopter motors and ESC

Great camera for good quality video:

VRX with Triversity for ultra coverage:

Music by: Joakim Karud - Celebrate

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