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Maiden MiniRaceWing

By skygreg74, 13 Jul 2017 into Mini Race Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Built in two evenings ! This is the second maiden of this wing. The first one goes wrong, I set the CG to 135mm as required with a 1800mAh 4S lipo but it was too tail heavy, the wing crashed in 3 parts as intended. I repaired it in 5min: unscrew, assemble wings to the frame, screw and connect servo wires and it's done.

With this maiden I used a heavier 2200mAh 4S to be front heavy (at 135mm) and it was much better, perfect!
Landing was hard and broke a wing, again quickly repaired.

Wing: MiniRaceWing from Flybot

F80 2500kv
ESC Cobra 60A
Prop HQ6045
4S 2200mAh Optipower
TBS Crossfire
Camera HS1177
TBS Unify Pro 5.8 V2

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