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Fixed Wing Friday: MiniRaceWing part 1

By RCModelReviews, 26 Jan 2017 into Mini Race Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

On the build-table today is the Mini RaceWing. It's clever, it's different, it's kind of cool.

Having done the build, and bearing in mind that this is a very early prototype:

- knock-off wing design should make it pretty tough
- breaks down for easy backpacking or transport
- thin wing should make it pretty fast
- very flexible in terms of equipment layout and battery sizes
- production units should be a quick build

- not to sure about the longevity of the servo wiring with knock-off wings
- prototype unit required quite a bit of "fettling" to complete.

Bottom line so far: I like it and given the unique features it boasts, it looks like fair value for money.

MiniRaceWing website:

MiniRaceWing kickstarter:

DIsclosure: this product was sent for review by the manufacturer.

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