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Fpv Race Wing and fun - SMR - France

By Sylvain, 29 Oct 2018 into Mini Race Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Super journée passée au terrain, Eric avait organisé une première course en aile volante.
Il y avait aussi du multitotor, du dji Mavic, de la Disco de Parrot et plein de gens sympas.
Merci à tous les participants et vivement la prochaine.

Great day at the field, Eric had organized a first race in flying wing.
You will also see some multirotors,a dji Mavic, the Disco from Parrot and many friendly people.
Thank you to all participants and keenly the next.

Thank's for watching


The Wanderer

Brain Power

La chaîne d'Eric

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¦ ?RX Module - Furious True-D V3.8
¦ ?Radio - Taranis X9D+
¦ ?WingWing Z84
¦ ? Durafly Sidewinder


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