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How to Cover Your Race Wing with NinjaWraps Vinyl

By TheDutchViking, 25 Aug 2017 into Mini Race Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

A detailed look at how to cover your EPP foam high-performance race wing (or any other model airframe, for that matter) with 3M Controlac vinyl custom printed and laminated by Colt Gauvreau of NinjaWraps.

For your own wrap, write him at:

Thanks to:

Robert and Annie at APC Props
Alex Greve at Video Aerial Systems
Susan at Cobra Motors
Hugo Salinas at Aerial Visions
Chris at HypeRC
The pilots in The Hangar
FPV Raw podcast for the shout outs
The brothers of NEFPV (and NAFPV!)
...and RumRunners FPV in the beautiful 1000 Islands

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