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How to Build an FPV Spec Race Wing

By TheDutchViking, 15 Oct 2018 into Mini Race Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

In this video tutorial, Luik and I take you through some of the main techniques we employ when building our FPV race wings. These including prepping, sparring, gluing, sanding, and taping your EPP airframe. We highlight the brand new spec wing (version 3) from Chris Klick at RiteWing, the newly released spec motor from T-MOTOR, and the amazingly thick cyanoacrylate (CA) glue EM-2000 and accelerator from Starbond Adhesives. And while we don't show a lot of step-by-step detail on how to assemble the electronics, you'll at least be able to see when we include in the build and a glance at the install.

Table of Contents

01:05 - Unpacking
06:30 - Sparring with Starbond
11:34 - Sanding
12:20 - Goop the spars
13:15 - Installation of bay floors
16:11 - Motor mount prep
17:40 - Taping the wing
25:38 - Elevons, control rods, and servos
27:23 - Motor mount gluing
27:44 - Electronics explanation
28:31 - T-MOTOR installation
29:22 - Final assembly
32:20 - Maiden flight

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For a full review of the T-MOTOR spec motor, click here:

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Starbond Adhesives

Special thanks to the music-makers who drive this tutorial. The songs include:

Firefly by Jim Yosef
Link by Jim Yosef
Limitless by Elektronomia
Steep by David Cutter

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