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?? Durafly Sidewinder FPV Race Wing - LIVE Chat With Stuart @ HobbyKing

By RagTheNutsOff, 01 Mar 2017 into Mini Race Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Howdy, In this LIVE interview with Stuart Warne from HobbyKing, we discuss the new FPV Race Wing from Durafly called the "Sidewinder". Full details below, Press SHOW MORE to see them. Matt

Durafly Sidewinder - What We Know So Far
These are the details we know so far about the Durafly Sidewinder FPV race wing:

- Labeled as a "EFXtra in a Wing", so it's going to be very, very quick!

- 1100mm wingspan, with a thin cord (thus flies faster)

- One piece, white EPO foam construction

- Provided in naked white foam with 5 sets of stickers provided allowing you to choose which colour you would like and also your own numbering too.

- - Yellow
- - Green
- - Silver?
- - Blue
- - Red (which is obviously the faster colour)

- 3 LED bar on the rear with switchable colours & flashing mode.

- Front tip FPV camera mount (designed for a RunCam styled FPV camera)

- Switchable vertical stabilization fins for differing wind conditions

- Dummy antenna provided to help with yaw drag (curious about internal mounting)

- Decent sized finger grips to launch it

- AeroStar Motor (unknown Kv, the original EFX Racer was a 2836 2300Kv Outrunner)

- Propellers:

- - 3S 6" propeller, probably a 6040, may even be a 6050
- - 4S propeller looks like a 5045 BN prop

- 3S & 4S compatible battery range (you'll need high C rated ones)

- - 3S batteries 2200-2400mAh packs
- - 4S 1800-2200mAh packs

- Bottom mounted, well ventilated AeroStar 60A ESC

- Vents for the FPV transmitter (mounted on the left wing)

- Receiver bay on the right wing, top mounted with antenna holes

- Removable top hatch, with naca ducts and space to mount a HD camera (eg Mobius or RunCam 2) and a pair of strap holes to fix it to the lid

- Top mounted servos, probably using a combo of plastic and metal gears and including covers like on the EFXtra

- And finally..... Stuart hasn't stuffed it in the tallest tree at the HobbyKing flying site (yet lolololol, sorry Nick)

Durafly Sidewinder - HobbyKing Announcement Daily
You can find out more about the Durafly Sidewinder wing here:

You are allowed to lick the screen.

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