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Race Wing (Maiden Flight) - Team Legit FG36

By TheDutchViking, 04 Oct 2016 into Mini Race Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Here's select footage from my maiden flight of my new FG36 from Team Legit. Honestly, I was not ready for how fast this thing was (even though I was the one who spec'd out the parts!). This wing is a rocket, and even despite the 10-15 knot winds she still handled the chop well. I'm in love with Team Legit's lines on this wing—great design—and super happy with the build. Hope you have as much fun building and flying yours. Any questions or comments, let me know. Fly or die! —Christopher


Team Legit FG 36 Race Wing
Cobra Motor 2814
EMAX BLheli 80 amp BEC/ESC
Gens Ace 4S 3300 mah
APC 7x5 prop
Dubro Safety Lock Kwik Link 4-40
Stainless Steel Carbon Fiber Rod Ends
Midwest Carbon Fiber Rod .125 24"
DU-BRO Heavy Duty Control Horn
Lemon RC 6-channel rx
Eachine 600mw vTX
Misc servo leads, plus XT60 and 3.5mm bullet plug connectors

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