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X-Uav Talon FPV Plane - Little about and Maiden Flight

By ArcticRc, 08 Nov 2018 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

X-UAV Talon EPO 1718mm Wingspan V-tail white version FPV flying Glider RC Model Airplane

The Talon FPV V-tail Drone is an all EPO moulded airframe. The kit comes un-assembled with EPO
and laser cut plywood parts. This version 2 of the Talon has strengthened plywood wing saddle carbon support parts, and additional plywood pieces for easier FPV equipment mounting. Less guess work on your part. Also, the front wheel plywood mount has been strengthened to survive less than perfect arrivals better.

With a 4S 14.8V 10,000mAh LiPoly battery, flight times are long, and wing loading still low thanks to the generous wing area of the Talon. A generous fuselage compartment with large top hatch and removable nose bubble allows you to access your FPV equipment and flight battery in any configuration you choose. It is an open canvas for your FPV need

Mortens setup:

X-UAV Talon specs:
1718mm wingspan
1100mm length
Usable flying weight up to 5kg. Would not recommend handlaunch over 3,5kg
Motor Sunnysky 3525 880kv with 12x6 propeller. Powered by a 5x4 (5S-4P) Panasonic NCR18650B LiIon batteries which gives ca. 13000mAh at 1kg battery weight.
Now using a cheap 6s-50A ESC (must be ok quality because it draw easy over 60A!
With an aperage draw of 7-10 amp I may get 1,5 hours flighttime cruising at 50-60 kph.

Servos are 9 and 17g metal gear digital servos.
Inside there is an CUAV Pixhack Nano to control flight.
Setup with Arduplane software.
For now I am using A FrSky Taranis radio with a R9M 900mHz long range module to transmit, and a R9 long range receiver. To adjust parameters i use 3DR clone telemetry radios on 433mHz to not interfere with the control system. They have a quite short range of 3-5km.
I also have a pitotube to measure airspeed and so to be sure to keep enough speed in windy conditions.

A GPS is also a must have. This give a relieable speed, position, heading and altitude.
I am not using a compass because it causes very often problems in an plane with lot of magnetic interference from motor and power wires.

The GPS gives more than good enough heading.
Now when maiden flight is done, I will install a Hawksky Firefly 8s 90degree 4K action camera on an stabelized gimbal in the nose of the plane. This will be controlled via computer and telemetry link.
It will also be installed an Raspberry Pi 3B+ with UAVCast software. This and a Huawei E3372 LTE dongle gives me highspeed telemetry and videolink over the LTE network.
That should cover most of the equipment in my Talon


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Camera: Panasonic GH5 with Olympus 7-14mm

Pilot: Morten M
Behind Camera: Elna And Bengt
Edit: Adobe Premiere with some color grading.

Instagram: @ArcticRc


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