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Micro Talon Re-Maiden Pt 1

By blackbirdboy1, 21 Aug 2017 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

First, let me apologise for me not filming the maiden.
I had meant to, but first forgot my Baseball cap (for Hat Cam) then the RunCam 1 I put on didn't record, the SD Card wasn't in right!!!
So this was actually the 3rd flight and a big 1800 65-130C 4S at that!
As you can see it flies SWEET. I love it already. I just know its going to be a fantastic medium distance FPV plane.
But to anyone considering getting into Rc Planes, I think THIS plane rates up with AXN's & Bix 1's as the first trainer plane.
Let explain why.
ANYONE & I mean ANYONE can assemble this thing and have it in the air LONG before the battery is charged up to go in it!!!
Yes, its not cheap, but its the little things that make this plane SOOOOO easy & quick to get in the air.
No messing around putting control surfaces on
No Glue required
No Screw Driver required
You CAN'T put the prop on the wrong
The ONLY thing a newbie may struggle with is binding the Rx to there radio and setting up a 3 way switch. A thing that they would have to do with ANY Rc Plane they bought.
Once its assembled (About 1 minute tops) add a Rx and battery and your in the air.
You can't even mess up the C.G as its marked clearly under each wing, C.G. Place your fingers on those marks, if the plane balances up level, your good to go!
Now I'm having radio troubles, but I still managed to get it sorted so the auto level works. And it does. Its not the best, but it does the job and would give a new pilot the confidence to fly in less than perfect weather conditions, plus give him/her an O Crap Switch, whereby if they got into difficulties, they flick the switch to Auto Level and let go the sticks, BANG, she levels out and they hopefully were high enough for the Gyro to save the plane.
Plus, as I demonstrated (on purpose of course) If you land it a bit hard, nothing breaks, the wings just pop out. Now I,'m not saying if you nose it into the ground at speed, nothing will break! But the rough landings should be ok.
Plus the mini quad boys wanting to try out fixed wings, well they have loads of 1300 4S kicking about, this thing will fly for 20 mins on one, easy!!!
Add an INAV system and you have a FPV ship that can fly for 20mins+ and cover distances that other larger, much more expensive and harder to transport planes can!
Still not sold?
Chicks Dig It!
No, I can't really get away with that one, but Mr Sky Surfers Mrs Liked it!!! lol

Basically, its a great little plane, that is very well thought out and my only gripe is that I got an early addition that does not have the Rudder control. As I hear it, all the one's now shipped have 2 servos at the back for the V-Tail for Elevator/Rudder. Easily fixed with a little 5g Micro Servo.
Part 2, (If you haven't lost the will to live already) with a little summary is coming next.
The voltage after 15 mins in the Air was 3.96v per cell. So I'm guessing another 15 mins in the air at that!

Thanks for watching, Bye for now.

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