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ZOHD Nano Talon V-Tail Electric RC FPV Plane with Stabilizer

By alishanmao, 16 Dec 2017 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

ZOHD Nano Talon is an 860mm wing Span Electric RC FPV Plane designed for beginners to intermediate pilots. Nano Talon is a portable edition of the Talon Air frame series. It is super easy to hand-launch and fly because of the built in stabilization system. Patented Snap and fly design makes it very easy to detach all the wings from fuselage in seconds and you can store or carry it in smaller spaces. When you want to fly, just snap the wings and V tail to fuselage and you will be ready to fly in seconds. Built-in servo structure makes the airfoil more aerodynamic, and avoid damage to servos even in a crash. There is plenty of room inside the fuselage to mount your FPV gear and other electronics. ZOHD Nano Talon offers a superb and smooth flight experience, it is extremely responsive and perfectly suited for short to mid range FPV flights, Slope soaring or FPV Racing Events. With a 4S battery, nano talon can offer a good speed of 100+ kmph very easily. This is a highly recommended FPV Wing and at the same time very much beginner friendly.  
* Built-in Gyro make the Nano Talon fly super stable, and easy to control.
* Autonomous fly directly after hand-launch, never crash when take-off.
* EPP molded wing, pre-built Carbon Fiber spar for enhancement, light and flexible plus crash resistant.
* Detachable main wing and V-tail wings for easy transport, and easy to change wing by simple plug.
* Main wing connected to fuselage by buckle, will be disconnect and release during crash.
* “NACA”air-intake in nose and air-outlet in tail for better cooling on FPV gear.
* Extra rooms in canopy and cabin for FPV gear, bottom hatch provide bonus rooms for more FPV equipment
* Self tighten prop nuts for secure prop mounting

Order ZOHD Nano Talon here

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