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Mini Talon / Pixhawk Maiden and Autotuning via FPV

By Derrick W, 27 Sep 2018 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Weather has been bad here, either too hot or too rainy, so finally today I got back out to "try" to maiden my Mini Talon, which I did succeed. CG is most likely a little too far aft, so will fix for next flight, but did a fair amount of autotuning and by the end of the flight, it seemed to be flying pretty well.

I think, right now, the best bang for buck flight controller is a Pixhawk or Omnibus whatever board running Arduplane firmware. For the best flight data (efficiency, avg efficiency, temperature, wind direction and speed, etc.), Arduplane really cannot be beat. The Eagle Tree Systems Vector is great too, but has no where near the features of a good Arduplane setup - although, from a configuration perspective, Arduplane is more difficult to setup initially. To me, I can sure notice a difference in flight stability and smoothness of flights.

Plane Specs:
Mini Talon
Pixhawk v1 FC / Ardupilot v3.9.1
MinimOSD w/MWOSD 1.9.0
Gold Budget version 1500mw 1280 Mhz
Runcam 2
DragonLink v3 Slim
- large 1500mw DL receiver
- just using dipole/rubber duck antennas for the moment
Multistar 4S 5200 mAh battery
T-Motor 2216 1100kv Motor
APC 8x6 prop

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