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ZOHD Nano Talon FPV on 4S with Build Overview & Tips [HD Footage]

By RagTheNutsOff, 30 Jul 2017 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Howdy, in this episode you'll be jumping on board for a FPV jolly with the ZOHD Nano Talon, chasing another Nano Talon! As we're flying FPV we have a build overview & tips for yours. This flight is on 4S and the model was bought here FULL details below, Press SHOW MORE to see them, Matt

Before we go any further, I feel it's important to stress that this model was bought out of my OWN money, for my own abuses. This was NOT a "Freebie for Review".

I was the first to grab one on pre-order here for $99.99, so it better be worth $100 or the £76 I paid for it!

If it's not, you will find out about it (and vice-versa of course).

ZOHD Nano Talon Details
There are two versions of this model available, I went for the cheaper one.

- PNP -
- PNP With FPV Kit -

Currently there is not a "kit" version, which is a shame because frankly speaking I personally prefer kit versions so I get 100% control over the parts that get put in.

The more expensive version includes a 1080p HD video camera and a video transmitter too.

The nano talon also includes a stabilizer pre-built into the model which really does work very well!

I used the following parts for my FPV setup:

- Runcam Mini Swift
- Eachine TX526 vTx
- Aomway Clover Antenna (RP-SMA)
- Runcam 2 HD Camera

I also used one of these OSD boards to give me an idea on current consumption, a flight timer and also the battery voltage too.

If you're flying FPV even a simple OSD like this can help massively. For the models I have that don't have iNav, these work really well (hence why I used it in the Nano Talon!).

Is the Nano Talon made by X-UAV?
We've always said that there should be a micro version of the mini talon as the mini talon is a fantastic FPV model. You can see my full setup of the mini talon in this video

However.... XUAV missed a trick here and this model is not made by X-UAV, instead it's another company called ZOHD.

Note: Those of you that are thinking this is a clone, remember that the original X-UAV Mini Talon was a copy of another model in the first place!

Who is ZOHD?
ZOHD is actually a trademark of SonicModell. You most likely already know this company as they have created a wide range of models, some re-branded by other RC companies.

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