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Nano Talon Review pt.3 - FPV

By bonafidepirate, 27 Nov 2017 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Here's the third part of my review on this little plane. Here I've installed a simple FPV setup consisting of a Foxeer 600mW 5.8GHz video transmitter, a Foxeer Arrow camera with mic and built in OSD (pilot name, timer, and battery voltage), and used one of Foxeer's new "Pagoda Pro" antennas.

Overall I'm still pretty happy with the way it flies. Having read mixed reviews and knowing that some people have complained that the plane is not very smooth, I had lowered my expectations a bit before flying it. While it does fly like a small/light plane, it's actually better than I thought it would be. Yes it gets thrown around a little even in the relatively low wind, especially on the roll axis as other have pointed out, but honestly it's not that bad for a plane this small. I've seen worse... lol I had the most fun playing around close with it, the low air speed and ability to make super tight turns using the rudder make it easy to fly in a small area. I seems to be very efficient too like everyone else is saying. I have not actually measured amp draw on the ground (or in the air obviously) but I know it's not much. I got about 40 minutes of flying FPV on the 3S 1500 pack.

I'm not too sure what direction I want to go with it from here, but I can tell you I was already bored with it at the end of this flight, the one and only FPV flight... lol I *may* see how the old Storm OSD would fit in there just for laughs, but I know it's relatively large so I'm not sure if it will ever happen or not. I've decided against iNav in this one, since it would be my first attempt at iNav I want to save that for a better suited airframe, something a little larger and smoother flying. Easier to get set up well. Any other ideas, leave a comment!

Here's a link to the plane on Banggood where I purchased this one: This is for the PnP with stabilizer, servos, motor, and ESC.

There's also a kit version and one that comes with a camera and transmitter that also records HD if you're interested in either of those...

PnP with FPV:

Here's some links to the FPV gear I used:

Foxeer vTX: this is the newer version that's switchable between 25/200/600mW, the one in my Nano Talon is just 600mW. I have the switchable one on my Bonsai, they're both nice!

Foxeer Arrow with OSD:

Foxeer Pagoda Pro antennas: I used the long like this: There is also a shorter version here:

I did receive those antennas that I mentioned in a recent video for a giveaway, so keep an eye out for that coming up soon! I'll be giving away a few sets of them here on the channel!


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