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Mini Talon Build Number 3 & Maiden Flight (STorM32 roll gimbal)

By ZaksterBlue, 11 Jun 2018 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

My third MT build, and the first one to use a few 3D printed parts from Mark_q (, as well as a STorM32 gimbal controller. I'll include links to the parts I used below.

A couple of clarifying points from the narrated maiden video:
1. I launched in PA mode for maiden because I already had this flight controller well set up in my previous MT.
2. I needed to land so that I could save the new radio trim positions as my new 'neutral' in the Tornado, so that PA, Loiter and RTH modes would not assume I wanted to roll and pitch slightly.

Music credit: Sleeping beauty, by Jacoo [with permission from Joachim]

3D printed parts from

Canopy support 52001
HS1177 FPV cam bracket 52004
Canopy 47009
Narrow front skid 52103
Rear skid 52105
Roll gimbal ZIP file in this post:

Other build components:
Cyclops Tornado OSD Flight Controller
HS1177 FPV camera
FrSky L9R Receiver
Cobra 2221-940kv motor
APC-e 9x6"
STorM32 Gimbal Controller
RCTimer 2804-100t gimbal motor
Aomway VTX and no-name antenna with 90 degree SMA
M8N GPS Upgrade (no-name from Banggood)
Carbon flats to reinforce the hatch weak point

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