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Mini Talon FPV, and a case for the Split

By bonafidepirate, 14 Sep 2017 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

I took the Mini Talon out for a routine flight, had fun! :) I was also trying out a new case for the RunCam Split that a viewer designed and printed one for me. (Thanks!) If you're interested, you can see it at his site here: (You can download the STL file there too.)

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Mini Talon airframe:

RunCam Split Camera:

By the way, I just "upgraded" to Windows 10 on my PC at the house where I do all my editing. I also updated Vegas, my editing software. I lost all my presets and had to start over (didn't back them up, my fault! lol) and the new version of Vegas uses a different encoder. Much faster since it's using my graphics card for hardware acceleration when rendering now, but I can't use a lot of the same settings I was before. Quality may suffer until I get the hang of these changes, or until I throw in the towel and learn to use something different like Premiere... lol I love the older versions of Vegas, but there's no sense in having all this nice hardware in my PC if my editing software isn't going to use it.

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