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Runcam Split Mini

By Kabab FPV, 14 Jan 2018 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

RAW 1080/60:
Product page:
A closer view of the Mini Split:

The larger Runcam Split:

The video I was referencing when talking about the two quads:

The Split Mini is very similar to the larger Split except with some improvements. The stack boards are better thought out with easy to reach buttons, thoughtful hardware and braces to hold things on and in. The new lens on the camera is also far better for FPV. Unfortunately it is still a heavily compromised product. The FPV feed is washed out and low contrast while the final video is highly compressed and difficult to work with in order to achieve high or even medium-high quality video. I have very high standards and am probably expecting too much from such a product. Maybe it will suit you better. Oh yeah, the latency is a non-issue. You're unlikely to want to race with this so it doesn't matter.

Other video things I have coming for testing: and

Here are the parts for the two quads but I HIGHLY recommend you either do your own research or at least wait for me to do more testing and report back some more experiences. At this point, I would say to stay AWAY from Racerstar brushless, Eaglepower and other really low end motors. Many report success with them and they do work, but I feel the quality is far too compromised and they will probably end up costing you more in the long run.

The Runcam Split Mini Quad: 80g dry, 135g AUW

Tooth Fairy Prototype frame (coming soon to
SunnySky 1106 8000kv: (I have 1104 but the 1106 is far better)
Zeus AIO:,
Gemfan 2540:
A small Vtx...
A small receiver...

The other one: 44g dry, 70g AUW

Toothpick prototype frame (coming soon to
Prototype motors I can't tell you about but find an ~1104/1105 that is NOT eachine, racerstar, eaglepower. The Aokfly might be suitable. I haven't tried yet:
Runcam Predator:,
F4 stack:
JST connectors:
FANTASTIC Props but only push on:
Use these as alternative for screw on. They're also excellent:
A very small receiver...

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