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MiniTalon: from Maidencrash to epic FPV Adventure

By RCSchim, 19 Jul 2017 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Here in this video you'll see my experience over the last 2 weeks:
from maidencrash, luckily I announced it that way before launch so nobody was surprised, to successfull FPV mission!

00:38 PART1: first LOS flighttests
01:21 Propchange!
01:39 more external shots of TESTFLIGHTS
03:15 PART2: SETUP walkthru
03:52 FPV cabling
05:05 DONT USE Foxeer L3 WITHOUT battery!
06:05 PART3: first FPV Adventure, OSD, GPS RTH Tests...
07:15 MUSIC, STABILIZER and epic smooth shots...
09:54 LANDING, summit

I got this kit for around 50$ (banggood) LAST YEAR after the flights with my XUAV One (the one with the folding prop AROUND it's tail-rod). The One was just not a good flyer, gears around this pusher are weak...
Then I read only good things about this easy, proper flying Mini Talon. It's a shame that I didnt build this earlier! Had to put aside my quads a little for this :)

?Main features:
- BIG SPACE for things like Autopilot and FPV equipment
- good speedrange (~35 to 140kph)
- easy build (really easy)
- long flighttimes (you can use 5.000 to 10.000mah 4cells) I get really safe 25mins or 20km travel with around 3.000mah used

???Important tips (also seen in video):
- CG is 55mm from leading edge of wing (not 76mm like manual says!)
- throw it horizontally not at an up-angle, give it a nice toss, dont use full throttle (torque left!), check this video guide to see how it's launched:
- secure the main battery (it WILL affect your CG if it can "roam around" in your fuselage :)
- create some motor air vents in the back - my motor got really hot (ok it's summer here)

FOXEER Legend 3: TVOUT warning
ATTENTION: DO NOT ONLY POWER IT FROM EXTERNAL SOURCE - with small variations in current the cam will reboot, a fat screen will ask for movie recovery - TVOUT is blocked!
With it's battery in I had 4 long flights now without issue - cam is always charged. Maybe I will move on to dedicated FPV cam...

Mini Talon: Airframe
Motor: Turnigy D3536/5 1450KV
ESC: TURNIGY Plush 60amp W/BEC
Prop: 9.5x7.5
4x 9gr Metal Gear servos, maybe servo extension cables
~5200mah 4cell battery (I have to move this all the way into the front nose for proper CG)
Arkbird AP/OSD:
ImmersionRC 5.8 VTX

??INFOS to my copters/planes in the hangar:

filmed with:
Panasonic GX8 + R0de VideoMicro
Samsung Galaxy S7

Flight footage filmed with: Foxeer Legend3

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