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Nano Talon reMaiden w/Storm OSD

By bonafidepirate, 20 Dec 2017 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Here's the flight footage with the Storm OSD in the Nano Talon. Hopefully the video will let you draw your own opinions, but I don't expect anyone to run out and get an old Storm to copy this setup... lol I just used it because it was here gathering dust. As far as the plane itself, having flown it LOS, with some basic FPV, and now this configuration, I've formed my own opinions. Personally I think the little plane is OK overall, but what it's really best at is flying in a confined space for some quick and easy FPV with the stock setup and basic FPV gear. It's not a bad little plane for some LOS park flying either, it's quite fun actually. While it's more than capable of medium range FPV with an autopilot (and probably performs better with something more fitting than the Storm), I think I'd got for the Mini Talon over the Nano every time in that case. Unless you have a special case that requires the smaller size and quick breakdown/assembly of the Nano, the Mini will probably server you better in most cases. That said, if you're looking for a change of pace and enjoy setting up a new plane and dialing it in, this will be a load of fun! lol There's a surprising amount of room for gear onboard that's cleverly spread out and easily accessible with all the hatches and covers. Some day I'd like to rework the wing/spar setup on here to get rid of the dihedral and see how much better that works out. While I'm sure it would result in basically no inherent stability, it would allow the flight controller to do it's job better. I'll have to put that on the back burner for later, if ever. ;)

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