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Beautiful Autumn FPV + "Happy Finish"

By RagTheNutsOff, 24 Sep 2017 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

This was a couple of days ago. Join in for nothing short of a fantastical flight in the Mini Talon. This is the UK Autumn near it's finest. Full setup details for the Mini Talon below. Enjoy the flight, Matt

For a complete overview to the Mini Talon, see this episode

X-UAV Mini Talon, bought on Banggood for £37.42 when it was on sale and also note I used a coupon to get down to this price too (was £46.67). Even at full price, this is a LOT of model for your money.

You can view/purchase this model here:

Note #1
If you're in the EU, check the Banggood EU warehouse as it's generally cheaper to buy from there than from China.

Note #2
I bought this model out of my OWN money for my own abuses. It took a while to build as I laminated it, which I'm glad I did!

I'm using a SunnySky X2216 1250Kv which draws 6A for about 40mph!

8x6 APC -

I used a HobbyKing 60A Turnigy Plush ESC here, although a 40A ESC would be fine, such as most of these on BG here

I'm using Tower Pro MG90S and also I have used these twisted servo extension wires for both the servos and for the wiring looms.

Control Horns
The provided control horns were crap, I used my own bought from Banggood here (these are amazing, not broken one yet!)

Transmitter & Receiver
I'm using a Taranis & L9R receiver

Flight Controller
Using a Eagle Tree Vector was a no-brainer for me.

Available in the UK/EU from here and the US here

I used some foam board to make a tray for the Vector to sit upon. That worked out really well!

Cable Tie Restraints
I'm using these to keep the wiring tidy bought from Screwfix

5200mAh 4S 10C Multistar Battery

Video Transmitter
I'm using a ImmersionRC vTx - but do check your county's legal requirements.

FPV Camera
Again a no-brainer for me, RunCam Owl Plus is being used

HD Camera
My favourite HD recording camera, the RunCam 2

Pan Servo
I'm using a 180 degree pan servo here

FPV Goggles
I'm using FatShark Dominator V3's however there are far cheaper ones here

I bought these here and the lense caps Not cheap but silly bright!

We bought 2 rolls of 75 micro laminate off eBay for £14. I also used silver on the wings bought from HobbyKing.

DO NOT use that chrome silver covering, it disappears into the sky too easily. While it looks amazing, in hindsight it was a really bad idea.

3D Printed Parts

3D Printed Antenna Mount
These can be downloaded here or bought here

3D Printed bumper
This one is similar to the one I used

Mini Talon 3D Printed Pan Mount
I used this as a base but the top plate wasn't big enough so made the top plate for the cameras out of plywood.

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