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"Mc Stuff'in Royale" - Mini Talon FPV Adventures

By RagTheNutsOff, 08 Nov 2018 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Howdy, some people fly, some people fly fast and some people, they fly low. But that does catch you out on occasion ??. Enjoy the flight! Full setup details below, Press SHOW MORE to see them. Matt

The model used is the Mini Talon which you can buy here

You can find out the FULL specification of the Mini Talon I'm using in this video

So that we're ALL on the same page. I feel it's important to stress that the XUAV Mini Talon model was bought out of my OWN money, for my own abuses and was NOT a "Freebie for Review".

In this video meet V2 of my Mini Talon, V1 as just as good!

View/Purchase link:

Parts List
I have done my best to list everything that I am using in my Mini Talon. See my notes below this section for extra info.

XUAV Mini Talon:
X2216 1250Kv Motor:
At least a 40A ESC. I'm using this one:
8x6 Propeller:
5200mAh 4S Multistar packs:
TowerPro MG90S Servos (4):
Twisted servo extension leads:
Replacement Control Horns:
Taranis Tx
Runcam 2 HD Camera
180 degree pan servo

Following on from the video one thing you cannot compromise on is the motor, the SunnySky motor here really is worth the money. I use the same motor in other models because it's soooo good!

The control horns that are provided are crubbish, bin them and use the ones suggested above (see here ).

I haven't listed a FPV camera & vTx above thats because I am using the Runcam owl Plus which they don't do anymore :( So instead, consider a RunCam Swift 2 or similar here , they're known to be great cameras.

If running 5.8GHz video, the TX526 here is fantastic, I own several of these and they work great. Of course combine them with a quality antenna like this one

For the fligth controller I am using the EagleTree Vector, however you can of course use iNav with a Mini Talon too. I used some foam board to make a tray for the Vector to sit upon. That worked out really well!

Mini Talon Top Lid Mod
The lid to the Mini Talon is feeble, see this simple mod using carbon fibre strips here to make it strong enough to be used.

Mini Talon 3D Printed Parts

While there are loads of 3D printable parts available for the Mini Talon which you can see on Marks site here I elected to only use one item, which was the front skid/bumper.

Note that I have only used PLA filament for my parts and have had zero issues with warping etc....

The Pan & Tilt

3D Scoop

Bumper (the smaller one)

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