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Nano Talon 1 Battery, 28 Mins, 14 MILES! FPV Flight

By RagTheNutsOff, 07 Aug 2017 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Howdy, I did say that the Nano Talon was an efficient air frame! This is the DVR footage from a 14 MILE flight on ONE battery with a 28 minute flight time. I bought mine here and I'm defo moving to 18650 batteries next! FULL details below, press SHOW MORE to see them. Matt

Before we go any further, I feel it's important to stress that the Nano Talon I bought here was bought out of my OWN money, for my own abuses. This was NOT a "Freebie for Review".

The ZOHD Nano Talon
Since my ZOHD Nano Talon has arrived, I've loved the "little penguin" (my new nick name for it lol).

If you own a X-UAV Mini Talon and have enjoyed yours, then you're going to ?? the Nano version. I know I do.

My Nano Talon has iNav in it and now a true V-Tail now which I covered in this previous video on the iNav & V=-Tail conversion of my nano Talon which has made it much more enjoyable.

Flight Details - I Could Have Flown Longer!
These are the details shown on the summary screen at the end of this episode. The battery used was a 1600mAh 4S Nano tech battery.

Max speed: 117K/h (72mph)
Distance travelled 22,955.7 Metres or 14.2 miles
Max Current: 8A
Max Altitude: 255M = 836 ft

Keep in mind that I flew this flight specifically within the limits allowed here in the United Kingdom. So the 14.2 miles was the total distance travelled.

However this could have easily been in 7 miles out in one direction and 7 miles back.

Also there were several parts of this flight were I was messing around with the Nano Talon and not really thinking about efficiency.

Basically what I'm saying, that with some better throttle management on the Nano Talon, we could have done a lot longer and a lot further as it will cruise on a mere 3 Amps or less!

The battery landed with 12% left at 14.77 volts. You can see a photo in the RTNO FaceBook Group here immediately after the flight.

ZOHD Nano Talon Setup
These are ALL the parts that I have used in my Nano Talon build:

- RunCam Swift Mini
- TX526 vTx
- Aomway Antenna (RP-SMA)
- Omnibus F4 Flight Controller
- NEO-M8N GPS Unit
- 6 pin JST SH 1mm spacing lead (eBay is best for this)
- 5x Servo extensions (2 used for the FPV wiring)
- 1x Male to Male servo extension lead (for SBUS)
- Turnigy Plush 18A ESC
- FrSky L9R Receiver
- 3D Printed Antenna Mount
- 3D Printed Bottom Scoop
- 3D Printed Naca Duct

Nano Talon V-Tail Mod
The Nano talon came with only one servo for the elevator, which is "fine", but I wanted "rudder" action.

As shown in the video I replaced the single servo with two HXT900 9g servos and tada! We now have elevator and rudder action at the rear.

Who is ZOHD?
ZOHD is actually a trademark of SonicModell. You most likely already know this company as they have created a wide range of models, some re-branded by other RC companies.

Is the Nano Talon made by X-UAV?
We've always said that there should be a micro version of the mini talon as the mini talon is a fantastic FPV model. You can see my full setup of the mini talon in this video

However.... XUAV missed a trick here and this model is not made by X-UAV, instead it's another company called ZOHD.

Note: Those of you that are thinking this is a clone, remember that the original X-UAV Mini Talon was a copy of another model in the first place!

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