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Mini Talon Build Overview & Maiden

By Adam G does FPV, 03 Jan 2020 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Build overview and maiden flight. If you only want to see the flying go to 8:08

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Facebook Mini Talon Build Log ?

Sites I get my awesome FPV goodies from:
1: Banggood ?
2: Gearbest ?
3: RMRC ?
4: HobbyKing ?

========Mini Talon Setup========

In the air:
-Mini Talon Kit ?
-SunnySky Motor ?
-8x6ep APC prop ?
-Metal gear servos x 4 ?
-60a ESC ?
-FPV Camera ?
-DJI HD Camera ?
-360 Degree Pan Servo ?
-1.2g Vtx ?
-1.2 Antenna ?
-Dragonlink Micro Rx ?
-MFD Autopilot with Airspeed sensor ?
-Servo horns ?
-Adjustable Pushrod Linkage ?
-Turnigy 5v UBEC ? USA link: UK link:
-Quanum 12v UBEC ? USA link: - UK link:

On me:
-Taranis Transmitter ?
-Dragon Link V3 tx ?
-SRH771 diamond antenna ? USA link: -
UK link:
-Fatshark goggles ?
-FuriousFPV True-D Rx module ?
-Bignose custom made 5.8 skew ?

On my Groundstation:
-K&F Concept Tripod ?
-1.2 ghz VAS Pepperbox antenna ?
-2 x RMRC 1.2ghz VRx ?
-Diversity Demon ?
-DVR ?
-Turnigy 5000mAh 3S ?
-25mw 5.8ghz repeater vtx (to send the video signal wirelessly from my 1.2ghz ground station to my goggles) ?
-Digital Volt Meter ?
-Eachine Diversity Monitor with DVR ?

3D Printed Parts:
3D Printer ?
Canopy for GWS 360 servo ?
Front Skid ?
Rear Skid ?
Pitot mount ?
Central cage/AP holder ? No longer on Thingiverse. I can send file if requested.
Dragonlink Dipole holder ?

Tools etc:
Flat Carbon Strips for reinforcing lid ?
E6000 Glue ?
Laminate ?
Laminating Iron ?

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